Our team worked with researchers studying nutrition and women's menstrual health at Cornell University. Our results are promising.

Study Design

We conducted a clinical trial comparing Cramp Bites to a placebo snack to ensure the efficacy of our product. The participants in the study filled out a questionnaire before and after eating their designated snack, and we compared the difference in pain levels between the placebo snack and those who were given Cramp Bites.


We tested our product on both types of period cramps: spasmodic and congestive. Congestive cramps are classified as deep, dull aches, and spasmodic cramps are sharp, sporadic pains.

In these box plots, "PL" represents the placebo, and "PS" represents Cramp Bites. A larger width on the box plot demonstrates a larger decrease in participants' pain levels. As you can see, our participants saw a decrease in both types of cramps: their difference in pain levels, before and after eating their designated snack.

A bite for a pain free cycle.