Organic Period Cramp Snack

Period pain is not normal. Rooted in Iranian traditional medicine and the science of nutrition and menstrual health, we designed Cramp Bites to promote sustainable, whole body health.

Simply put, it's a way to invest in your ovaries for the long-term.

Third-Party Certified

To ensure research quality

Doctor Recommended

Trusted by leading doctors and researchers


Real, delicious ingredients


Made from grandma's Middle Eastern delicacy


Only made with high quality ingredients


Backed by menstrual health researchers


Here's How Cramp Bites Work

Follow these 3 steps


Step 1

Purchase Cramp Bites over that one ice-cream that's been eying you. Research has shown that added sugar may contribute to heightened menstrual symptoms.


Step 2

When you experience cramps, eat 3-4 bites on an empty stomach.


Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 each month. All bodies are different, so the amount of time it takes for you to absorb the nutrients varies. Be patient with yourself, and remember, consistency is key!

Whole Body Benefits in One Bite

In our households we use food as medicine. Even with the best diet, some nutrients can be hard to get. That's why we pack Cramp Bites with ingredients that provide various nutrients - to support foundational nutrition.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Flavonoids, Antioxidants, Fiber, and Vitamin C

Analgesic Effects

From our various spices

Iron & Magnesium

Muscle Relaxation and Prevention of Anemia

Get Started with your First Pack of Cramp Bites

On average an 8-pack will last one menstrual cycle. All bodies are different: those with heavier periods tend to need more, and vise versa. See our size guide on our products page for more information.

We recommend starting with one pack of Cramp Bites. If you need more, you can always order. If one pack lasts more than one month, no problem: Cramp Bites are good for 3 months.



No Sugar Added


Our Flavors

Developed by Renowned Chef Howie Velie Retired Dean of Culinary Education at the Culinary Institute of America



Nutty, colorful, fresh

Shop Pistachio


delicate, floral, sweet

Shop Rose


nutty, rich, and a tad earthy undertone

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Our Customers Love Cramp Bites

Don't just take our word for it. Our customers love Cramp Bites just as much as we do.

menstrual support
women-owned & operated
eco-friendly ingredients
quick results
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Armita's Story

Shayesteh, Armita's grandmother, made sweet treats that eased Armita’s menstrual pain for years. After she started college and no longer had access to Middle Eastern ingredients, Armita’s period cramps worsened. In August 2022, Armita’s menstrual pain led her to the ER; months later, her day-to-day activities remained a struggle. To mitigate the chances of people with periods feeling inhibited by their cramps, and to share her story and her culture, Armita created Cramp Bites.

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